Suh Never Heard of TV?

I was watching yesterdays football game between the undefeated, defending World Champion Green Bay Packers and the young Detroit Lions. I have no great love or hate for either one. What I do have is an amusement of the audacity of some players.

During the game and between pillaging the snacks my wife made, I saw Detroit’s defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh dribble an offensive players head on the ground and then stomp the same players bicep with his cleat. Believe it or not I didn’t mind his acts of aggression. Men with the maturity and spirit of boys tend to rule today’s NFL. Not only that but the victim of this personal foul knows the score when he takes the field. He makes a lot of money in exchange for being victim to what would get you or me arrested.

In other words – he signed up for this gig.

Not that I condone what Suh did. It’s just that it didn’t bother nor surprise me in the least and the referees, rightfully so, tossed him from the game. Case closed until the league decided if it needs further punishment.

Now we get to the part that bothers me. Ndamukong Suh, after the game, denied doing anything wrong. This still isn’t the part that bothers me. The part which not only bothers but insults me is not Suh lying but he expects me, God and the rest of the sports world to believe him.

Mr. Suh maybe you haven’t heard but some of the NFL games are televised! In fact your Detroit Lions have been playing on TV, on Thanksgiving, as long as I have been watching football. Is this news to you? Did you not know the reason the team pays you more money, than any person deserves, is because you do much of it on television in front of millions of people?

It’s this same television which shows clearly you are a dirty player and proves you are a liar. This morning, while I was watching Sports Center, I heard you say something about you and the man upstairs knows what you did. Now I am not sure if you are talking about a second floor neighbor or God but because of TV, either one knows what you did. You dribbled a man’s head, then stomped him with your cleats, then lied about it.

So I am hoping you are talking about your neighbor and not God. I am hoping you are only a lying, bully and not one who invoked God’s name into your despicable acts.

Ndamukong Suh you are truly what’s wrong with professional sports and it’s above the rules attitude.

Just one more reason I have no love or hate for you, your team or the NFL.

As a boy I followed the league constantly now I could care less if I ever saw another game.

Of course when I was a boy the game was played by honorable men.

Now it’s just played by clueless boys in big uniforms.

Boys who not only lie to the viewers and our God but expects both of us to believe it.

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