Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite things. I think there is nothing better than a twenty-two pound, bird stuffed and roasted, to make a Autumn day complete.

Unfortunately I also think it is the work of the devil.

Thanksgiving is the most expensive at home meal of the year.

We spend a fortune on one meal, which lasts about eight and a half seconds, with my hungry sons. Not only is it the expense, it is also the timing. Thanksgiving is the kick off to Christmas shopping. So we are spending more money, than we should, on food right before the best sales hit the store shelves. This is devilish.

I believe it is a marketing ploy to get us to buy more stuff. We go to the stores look at the latest toys and gadgets and think,  hundred bucks, why not? I just spent a gazillion on dinner and the gadget little James wants will last at least till New Years  and maybe longer if he immediately throws it the side to play Angry Birds or text his friends. You should see how pristine his unused E-reader and Flip video camera is from last year. That was a well spent $400!

But, of course, I have a solution!

This year I am giving all my gifts out a month early.

James enjoy your roasted turkey.

John I hope you like your mashed potatoes!

Christopher, I know baked rolls are a favorite of yours.

T.J., is there anything better than pumpkin pie?

Nothing like killing two turkeys with one stone!

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