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Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey for Thanksgiving. Simple recipe, easy to follow. You will look like a Master Chef when you use our roast turkey recipe.



Fresh or Thawed Turkey

These times are very general. Always cook until a temperature of 165 degrees has been reached using a meat thermometer. A digital thermometer would be the preferred style. I also check the joint between the thigh and the leg. I cut the skin and run my knife down into the joint. You are looking for clear juices - no sign of color. I never trust the plastic pop up indicators. I have seen them fail to pop up and I have seen them pop up on a practically raw turkey. My feelings are, do not trust a holiday dinner to a 12 cent item.

8 to 12 pounds 2 - 3 hours

12 to 14 pounds 3 - 4 hours

14 to 18 pounds 4 - 5 hours

18 to 24 pounds 5 - 6 hours


1. Set the oven temperature at 425 F.

2. Place turkey breast-side DOWN on a liberally oiled rack in a roasting pan. I also oil the turkey on all sides. I season bird inside and out after oiling. I use poultry seasoning and chef salt but you may prefer other spices

3. Roast for 30 minutes. Flip turkey upside down (breast side up). You can use two large serving forks or just simply grasp the legs and flip it. Stuff turkey. Stuff turkey loosely to allow stuffing to expand. Put a foil tent over the turkey or roasting pan lid. Close oven door. Allow oven to reach 425 degrees, then turn it down to 325 degrees.


4. This can not be repeated too many times; Using a meat thermometer (never rely on a plastic pop up thermometer) check the internal temperature 30 minutes before approximate cooking time. Leave foil (lid) off after first check. Check every 15 minutes until done.. I remove from oven when it reaches 165 degrees (USDA recommendation is 180). As a double check, after turkey reaches 165 degrees, I slice the turkey between the thigh and leg and look for clear juices. I do NOT remove until I get 165 AND clear juices.

5. Wash hands, utensils, sink and anything else that has contacted raw turkey with hot, soapy water.

6. Let the turkey rest 20 minutes before removing stuffing and carving. I make gravy during this period of time and bake the rolls.


Add one-half cup of water to the bottom of the pan with a couple of chicken bullion cubes or a 15 oz. of chicken broth. This will create a more flavorful gravy.

I fry the giblets and feed them to my dog (or brother if he is visiting).

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