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The Blind Side

The new movie starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher is well worth the time. Normally I would wait till a movie hits rental before watching but I decided to take a chance.

The movie is about the high school years of professional football lineman Michael Oher and his adopted family the Tuohys.

I won't spoil the storys twists and turns but I highly recommend the movie. Quinton Aaron does a good job as Oher and Tim McGraw makes you forget who he is and makes you believe he is Sean Tuoy. Jae Head who plays Sean Jr. Is a comic relief and Lily Collins does a great job with Collins Tuoy, the Tuoy's daughter. Then there is Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, Michael Oher's adopted mother.

Sandra Bullock as a blonde is worth the price of admission. Couple that with the southern sass of Leigh Anne Tuoy and who cares what or who else is in the movie. Just watching her makes the movie a must see.

After seeing The Blind Side I got curious about the Tuoys, mostly Leigh Anne and Googled them. Mrs. Tuoy is definitely a hottie and their daughter Collins, portrayed by Lily Collins, is maybe even better looking than her actress counter part. Then there is Sean.

Obviously the brilliant minds who cast the movie decided a guy who looks like Sean Tuoy couldn't land Sandra Bullock.

I have problems with this theory. First of all I look more like Sean than I do Tim and I did okay. Second, Bullock's real life husband, Jesse James, is no Adonis. Then finally, Sean Tuoy bagged and I imagine continues to bag, Leigh Anne Tuoy and she is every bit what you would think a former Ole Miss cheerleader looks like.

Still, all in all, it is a movie worth paying theater prices. It a heart warming story your wife will love and it's about a football player with a hot southern Mom which will make you happy. So there is plenty for everyone.