The Whiniest Generation

My parents were born into the Greatest Generation. They survived a Great Depression and a World War, then went on to build a great nation. They gave us most of what we take for granted today. Paved roads, bridges, subdivisions, home laundry, wage and hour laws,  space travel – the list could on on and on and on. They did this without a need for gratitude. They did it because it needed doing.

My generation was not as great but we gave the world the civil rights movement,  home computers and most of the small electronics we so enjoy today. They called us the “Me Generation” because we were considered narcissists. Little did we know.

My children’s generation has brought narcissism to an art form. They have given us things like instant comments, Twitter, Facebook and selfies. They believe the world is waiting, with baited breath, for their every utterance. They think, in their self absorbed world, we can’t wait to see the next picture of them in front of a mirror. They feel it is constructive to comment on an important issue instead of trying to change it. They have a notion it is their job to lurk on websites and criticize anyone with an idea. They believe in the flash mob and the mob mentality. If you don’t agree with the masses you should be put down, made fun of and ridiculed into submission. They believe the nonsense they spew from their social sites.

They are without a doubt the Whiniest Generation.

They sit at their keyboards waiting to criticize anyone with an original idea as if saying no is an idea..

Healthcare problems? Say no to any idea but don’t have a solution.

American budget problem? They don’t want their taxes raised or their services cut but they think the budget should be magically balanced.

Government spying on their own citizens? Who cares as long as Facebook is free?

Then there are the smaller problems of life. My parents lived in a time when meals were not an American right but an American privilege. They grew up when food, gas and tires were rationed. I, by the grace of my father’s hard word, never lived in such a time. Meals were taken for granted at my house. Our cupboards were never bare.

My children grew up a similar way.

So I guess this is why their generation feels so entitled. Food not exactly the way you ordered? Not only send it back but expect the replacement meal for free. Then go home write the company and expect more free things by exaggerating the service and quality of food without a thought to how it effects the server or manager’s job who did nothing but try to help you have a nice visit to their restaurant.  This is not only narcissistic it is dishonest.

Most of the world is wondering how they will obtain food today while our children are wondering how to order at Cracker Barrel so they can complain and get a free meal. It is disgusting and we are to blame.

We coddled and spoiled them. We made them this way. We gave them the impression that they are the centers of the universe.

It is terrible that they will be remembered as the Whiniest Generation but it is worse that we will be remembered as the ones who were responsible for it.



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