Tim Tebow versus the Patriots

Saturday, the fourteenth of January, Tim Tebow will play the New England Patriots. At least that’s the way I understand it from watching sports reports. I really don’t think a whole team against one man is fair even if that one man is God’s favorite.

Tim will be exhausted playing both offense and defense but especially on defense where he will have to rush Brady and cover the talented tight ends of the Patriots – which is different than covering the talented tight ends of the Dallas Cheerleaders and not as much fun. At least on offense he can call kneel downs if he needs a breather.

It will be a massacre, unless the NFL relents and lets the rest of the Denver Broncos help Tebow. Even then, most talking heads of ESPN think the Patriots are easy winners. I, of course, disagree.

I believe, without any stats to back me up, Tebow’s magic lasts at least one more week.

John Fox, the cagey old coach of the Broncos, is going to call plays like he is leading the Florida Gators. He will call option right, then option left, then follow it with a dive play. If they the load the box (crowd the line of scrimmage) he will ask Tebow to throw deep. The Patriots pass defense is a joke and Tebow will find a receiver just like he did against Pittsburgh.

When the Patriots and Broncos played a couple of weeks ago it was fumbles which lost Denver the game. It is my guess you won’t be able to pry the ball from Tim Tebow’s hands with a jackhammer. He will grip the ball like he has found the Holy Grail and he is running home to show the folks. In fact look for Denver to win the turn over battle.

The Patriots have lost the last three playoffs they were in and they will make it four in a row.

If New England wins, you can tell me, you told me so but if they don’t be prepared for the loud crying from the Tebow haters and disbelievers.

Prediction; Denver 24, New England 17

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