Too Early to Think

Six AM is too early for anything productive. There is no way anyone with any brains should be up this early. That being said I am up this early every day.

It’s the only time of day my very busy house is quiet enough to think. The kids have barely put away their video games (by put away, I mean drop the controllers and walked away) and went to bed. The dogs have yet to of awaken. The wife is hours from being up and writing my daily to do list. So I am up and it’s quiet but I am far too tired to do anything of use – so I blog or as I like to call it; creating my drivel.

The drivel of tennis players in short skirts and sweaty tops. The drivel of tan, blonde golfers with extraordinary legs attained from years of walking the courses. The drivel of  observations of irony. The drivel with frustrations occasionally peppered into it.

Those frustrations are usually with a retail service person or a restaurant worker. Mostly the small battles which seem so big when they are happening but as time passes are really just proof  as Americans we have it very good.

My biggest complaints are often how long it takes to get served in McDonald’s or whether or not Best Buy was courteous enough (they weren’t!). Not exactly tragedies.

I rarely miss a meal although it would do more good than harm. I have a freezer full of pops and a pantry full of coffee. I am never forced to live without water or electricity. If the cable goes out for ten minutes it’s a crisis.
All proof that these may not be America’s brightest days but we are still well lit.

So here I sit in the quiet of a big house. No dogs barking. No children whining. No spouse demanding.

Just me and my drivel.

J Pat

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