Trash Day

I still want to see where the rule is written that trash is a man’s job?
It doesn’t make sense!
Why should we have to take out the trash? Why should we have to wheel the giant blue containers to the road? I want an explanation!
Trash as a man’s responsibility defies logic. No other job in the house is ours. We don’t do laundry. We don’t do dishes. We only cook when an open flame and outdoors are involved. We do mow lawns but that is just to show our neighbor our mower is better than his.
So why, logically speaking, would trash be our job?
I say wives need to quit making laundry such a long and tedious job and get to carrying trash. The one time last year, when we did laundry, you didn’t see us folding and fluffing and sorting into piles. We did it quickly and efficiently. The kids don’t mind wrinkled shirts.
When we run out of dishes and have to wash a few, while you are at work, you don’t see us stalling and slowing the process by scraping the plates before loading the dishwasher. You also didn’t see us wasting time washing pots or pans. Don’t you women know if you just stack them on the stove they will end up clean and in the cupboard somehow?
So I speak for all men when I say;
Learn to streamline your jobs and you won’t have to rely on us to do your chore of trash carrying.
So you see, it’s not a man’s job it’s a woman’s lack of time management
If you need help in scheduling your work, just ask.
We can teach you right after the game.

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