Two and a Half Men Ruined

Yesterday I was young and now today I am old. At least I feel that way. I grew up in the 60′s and 70′s. A time when people will tell you the innocence of America was lost. This may be true but at least we weren’t sex craved deviants.

Television for the past six decades has mirrored the morality of America’s self image. When I was small, husbands didn’t sleep with their wives on air. When I was a little older they joined each other in their double beds but never spoke of what happened when the books were put away and the lights went out. Now, not a minute goes by, on television, without a reference to sex and many, many shows describe it entirely in graphic detail. I am not talking about hour long late night dramas solely. I am talking about 8 eastern, 7 central sitcoms too.

These so called comedies use sex as a week crutch to obtain laughs. The writers are lazy and not very good, so they rely on strutting their stars like Ashton Kutcher around the set in all his glory for guffaws. This may be fine for my children’s generation but I am old, grumpy and tired of it.

If I wanted to see an actor shirtless every moment of a half hour I would watch Cinemax and not CBS. Their actors are just as humorless and many of them have a couple of things on their chest worth viewing. The problem with that is even Cinemax realizes nudity and sexual repartee are not suitable for watching at seven o’clock in the evening when young children are still occupying the living rooms of America.

So my old and cantankerous question is; If Cinemax gets it why don’t the big four networks?

The obvious answer is, of course, their shows are written by talentless hacks who were hired by ratings whores who couldn’t pick out well written dialogue in a copy of Hamlet.

I, for one, am sick of the lack of talent presented to me every evening via my television. If it wasn’t for sports programing I’d throw all 73 inches of it into the street.

So tell Two and Half Men and their gang of deviants I am done.

Yesterday it may have been fine but today I am too damn old to waste my time on that crap.

J Pat

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