Voting Rights Struck Down

The Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act. They cited the changing of America in regards to race relations. The Supremes feel it’s no longer fair to target nine southern states within the law.

I for one am relieved.

No longer is southern America racist. No longer does a black man or woman fear being turned away from the voting booth. They do have to fear being turned away from Paula Dean’s restaurant but not the voting booth. All is well in the south or is it?

One suggestion, the nine seniors of the court had, was for congress to look at the law and write an improved version. Are you kidding me? Our congress couldn’t get together to write anything let alone a law protecting citizens from discrimination. This congress is so inept I am not sure they could write their own names.

I have lived in the west. I have lived in the northeast. I now live in a southern border state and visit the deep south often. It’s a wonderful place with some very good people but if I was black I’d be scared to death every day not only election day.

The Supreme Court says the south has changed since 1965 and for that reason the law was no longer constitutionally useful.

Changed since 1965? The south hasn’t changed since 1865. If you don’t believe me take a look at an electoral may of 1864 and 2012. They mirror each other. Barack Obama, the first black President, and Abraham Lincoln the Great Emancipator carried almost the exact same states except for the states that were not around in 1864.

Changed maybe a little but only because laws like the Voting Right Act of 1965.

I believe this congress will do like they always do, which is nothing. The people of color will find more hurdles and obstacles in the upcoming elections without protection.

Their voting rights will go the same way as our phone privacy – into the books as history.

The Greatest Generation has begat a generation of selfish, commercialistic, citizens who begat a generation whose claim to fame will be “selfies.”

Instead of “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death” it’s “I can’t be bothered, I am on the phone.”

It’s a sad time in America




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