Where was spring

Did I miss Spring? Yesterday was winter. I remember it well. Today feels like summer. When was spring? Was it those few weeks in January when all the weeds bloomed in my yard? I also remember that well. My allergies seared it into my brain.

I did not pay close enough attention during high school science class to comment on Global Warming, with any authority, but something does seem amiss. I could ask my brother in-law. If you read his Facebook page it’s obvious he knows everything in spite of barely passing grades in high school and IQ which rivals winter temperatures. In fact he knows so much you don’t have to ask him a question before his mouth sprouts stupidities never before heard. Of course every injustice or calamity is President Obama’s fault. A belief often shared by residents of the peanut gallery who think the world’s problems can be solved with a short, pithy comment on someone’s timeline while the real thinkers attempt real work. Can you tell I have no use for critics who are too timid to jump into the ring, let alone know it all relatives? So I think I will skip asking him anything.

I will just get on my mower, cut my grass and dream of autumn.

Hoping, of course, I don’t sneeze and miss it too.

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