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Winterize your Lawn

It is the fall months and it's time to winterize the lawn. It is a necessity in the northern states to winterize your lawn, if you want your lawn to come back in the spring, lush, green and thick. Winterizing is not a difficult thing to do. It takes a little preparation and a few hours of work. Unfortunately some of the preparation should have already been done if you are reading this after your last mowing of the year.

Prep Work for Winterizing Lawn

Identify your type of grass. If you already know the answer you are well ahead of the game. If you have no idea, call your county extension office and ask. They are there to help. Remember if you live south of the Mason - Dixon extended across the country ( Virginia to Northern California ) you probably don't need to winterize if you were diligent in your fertilizing during the early fall. The closer you are to the Mason - Dixon, the more this becomes a judgment call. If you want expert advice your local USDA Extension office can answer any questions.

When the temperatures begin to drop your lawn will begin to slow and eventually stop growing. When you notice this, you should mow one last time.. If your mower is capable, mow your lawn one setting lower than normal. Mow in the opposite direction that you would normally mow your lawn.

Buy a slow release winter fertilizer high in nitrogen.  Apply the fertilizer according to directions and then thoroughly water your yard. This will give your grass the nutrients and moisture for spring growth when the weather begins to warm. If your lawn looks dried out you can safely continue to water until a few days before the first freeze. Caution! If you do water, pay very close attention to weather changes. You do not want the lawn to be overly moist when that first freeze does arrive.

Additional Lawn Care Items

Drain mower of any remaining gas.

Buy new spark plug and tune up kit. This will allow you to do the work in your spare time instead of after the first mow of the season because you are pressed for time because the neighbor has pointed out that your lawn is taller than your dog.

Late in the winter, charge battery on mower.

Change Oil in mower motor

Remember to drain outside taps or any items that are stored outside; for example, sprinklers, nozzles, or hoses. These articles can be seriously damaged by freezing water.

Remove dead weeds from flower beds after first frost kills them

Hide favorite beverage in a place it will be chilled by first deep snow so that you are refreshed during snow shoveling breaks.