It’s Saturday and that means sports watching. Well usually it would. Today Dale Earnhardt Jr is not racing, West Virginia University is not playing football and Paula Creamer is not golfing.

So I am stuck with Georgia versus Vanderbilt in football or watching the NASCAR Nationwide race. Neither interests me for different reasons. The football because it’s the SEC and I am tired of hearing about them every week of every football season. Every damn team in the league gets ranked then all the pundits say how good they are because they beat other ranked teams which of course were all SEC teams. Why is it never said that all the SEC stinks because all they do is lose to teams in their own conference. That is the opinion of the experts about the Big Ten and the Big East.

Then we have the Nationwide race. The race would be fun to watch if all the Sprint Cup drivers would leave the minor league to minor league drivers. Watching Nationwide is like watching Chipper Jones hit off AAA pitching. Sure, once in awhile, if a Sprint Cup driver comes down and races I am okay with it, but they shouldn’t get points nor prize money for doing it. Pay them “show money” for drawing fans and that’s it.

One more item……Paula Creamer the American hottie of golf is not playing today so the LPGA will not have the viewership but why does that mean only the Golf Channel is showing the women and it’s at 8:30 PM ET ? Paula is not there but Anna Rawson is. She is the USC educated Australian fashion model with legs longer than Kevin Garnett’s. I would click around tonight to catch her play – which by the way is getting better all the time – but I know the brain trust of the LPGA telecast will insist on showing me a 200 pound behemoth who shaves more often than I do. They have about us much marketing sense as my desk.

So it looks like I am going to have to mow my lawn and maybe weed whack my beds.

That should put me in a good mood!

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