You Told Me So – Denver Broncos loses

You told me Tim Tebow would lose and you were right. I predicted Denver would win by a touchdown and they only lost by five or six touchdowns. Hey, I was close. Denver, after all, did come in second in the game.

I could blame the refs. I could blame the play of the Broncos. I won’t do that. I will blame myself. I didn’t take into account the game was on a Saturday.

I contend, Denver would of won if Tim Tebow would of played on a Sunday. It is obvious why. He gets help from above and his help is too busy on that heavenly day, for heathens, Saturday.

When the Lord is resting he, like all of us, must watch football. Most notably his favorite player Tim Tebow. But on Saturdays he is too busy keeping drunken idiots from hurting themselves and others to fix Denver’s football problems. So Tebow was on his own.

If you watched the game you already know Tim was on his own. This was no more evident than with the play of his offensive line. They must have been busy too!

Yes I know I said I wouldn’t blame Denver’s play but I couldn’t resist one shot at the ‘Seven Blocks of Marshmallows.”

Even with that being said, it wouldn’t of changed the out come. Denver was over matched on this day. Not just their young quarterback but their whole team. The Broncos are a team on it’s way up and New England is sitting on the top of the mountain. In fact, if the Patriots play like they did yesterday,  I will be surprised if they are not this years champs. So it’s was no sin for Denver to lose.

It was however a sin for me to be so far off on my prediction.

If I keep getting it wrong, like that, next thing you know, I will be working for ESPN!

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